###<a href="mailto:eric_blanton@mac.com">Contact Me ></a> | [ Visit Sugar Coded Apps >](http://www.sugarcodedapps.com) | </a> [ Resume >](http://www.ericblanton.com/resources/EricBlanton-Resume2017.pdf) # iOS App Developer, iMessage Sticker Maker, & Digital Marketer for hire ![](https://github.com/ericblanton/ericblanton.github.io/blob/master/Resources/me_redshirt.jpg?raw=true) >Hello. ## Always learning something new. While brushing up on my Markdown I decided I needed an outlet in which to test myself. So, I decided to build this this overview/portfolio of some of my completed projects using Markdown & GitHub.io pages. ## About me. I am Eric Blanton. I am based in Louisville, KY where I have designed, completed, & launched over 50 apps. Most of these have been for Apple devices on iOS, but I have also built web apps, websites, & interactive content for social media. In 2016 I began making stickers for the iMessage platform & was a featured developer by Apple in the iMessage App Store. I am available for hire or freelance work. Feel free to contact me if you need stickers made for your iMessage project or need graphics designed for social media. (I'm especially fond of Pinterest projects!) ## __Things I've made :__ ###*iOS Apps* - [Crochet Decoder >](http://sugarcodedapps.com/Crochet_Decoder/index.html) - [Military Time Converter >](http://sugarcodedapps.com/Military_Time_Converter/index.html) - [Deceptinet >](http://sugarcodedapps.com/Deceptinet/index.html) - [WDW Souvenir Spotter >](http://sugarcodedapps.com/Disney_World_Souvenir_App/index.html) - [I've Lost My Voice >](http://sugarcodedapps.com/Ive_lost_my_voice/index.html) - [The Newbery App >](http://www.hbook.com/2016/03/choosing-books/app-review-of-the-week/the-newbery-app-review/#_) - [Fallsies: Autumn Emoji Sticker for iMessage >](https://appadvice.com/app/fallsies-autumn-emoji/1156474004) - [AnswerBot: Animated Stickers for iMessage >](http://www.hbook.com/2016/03/choosing-books/app-review-of-the-week/the-newbery-app-review/#_) - [Retro Labeler Slang Stickers for iMessage >](https://appadvice.com/app/80s-slang-retro-labeler/1164637376) ###*Web Projects* - [Sugar Coded Apps Website >](http://www.sugarcodedapps.com) - [PinPals: Pinterest Design Service >](http://pinpals.design) - [Social Launch: Content Sharing Checklist >](http://www.sociallaunch.sugarcodedapps.com) - [OfficialCountdown.com >](http://www.officialcountdown.com) - [iDis Shuffle/Disney Wikipedia Page Generator >](http://www.idis.sugarcodedapps.com) - [NetCat/Netflix Secret Codes Category Browser >](http://www.netcat.sugarcodedapps.com) ###*Collaborations & Freelance Work* - [UofL PEACC App >](https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/uofl-peacc-mobile/id484758132?mt=8) - [Punny Costumes/iPhone App >](https://appadvice.com/app/punny-costumes!/464547674) - [Norman's K9 Academy Website >](http://www.normansk9academy.com) - [eTutorsZone Pinterest Page Assets >](https://www.pinterest.com/etutorszone_/) ###*Graphics & such* Project | Type | Image --- | --- | --- The Newbery App | app icon | ![](http://sugarcodedapps.com/Our_Apps/files/stacks_image_275.png) RetroMacCast | app icon | ![](http://sugarcodedapps.com/Our_Apps/files/stacks_image_314.png) iStripes | app icon | ![](http://sugarcodedapps.com/Our_Apps/files/stacks_image_46.png) Piano Chord Helper | app icon | ![](http://sugarcodedapps.com/Our_Apps/files/stacks_image_95.png) Fallsies | app icon | ![](http://www.sugarcodedapps.com/Stickers/files/stacks-image-768078f-204x152.png) ###*Other Stuff* - [My Vanessa Carlton inspired blog >](http://www.unsungvanessa.tumblr.com) - [My Netflix inspired emoji (Quemoji) >](http://www.queuemoji.tumblr.com) - [My Newbery Inspired Pinterest Board >](https://www.pinterest.com/sugarcodedapps/the-newbery-app/) ###*Social Media* [ Twitter | ](http://www.twitter.com/ericblanton)[ LinkedIn | ](https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-blanton-91b66926)[ Fiverr ](https://www.fiverr.com/eeb2010) >Thanks for stopping by.